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At the LaSalle County Historical Society we are always looking to add local pieces of significance to our collection.  If your not sure if your donation meets our criteria please see our donation requirements.

We are currently looking for items associated with the Prohibition and Gambling era (1920's - 1930's) of LaSalle County.

Other items will be considered on an individual basis depending on topic and historical ties to LaSalle County.

Items we are not currently considering are military uniforms and any and all furniture items. 

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It is because of the vital support provided  by dedicated members and donors, that the LaSalle County Historical Society has been able to collect, preserve and share the vast history of our County.  Your  donation ensures that our stories, and those of our ancestors, are told for generations to come.

We are so happy that you decided to stop by. Our collections and events at La Salle County Historical Museum are second to none. You are cordially invited to explore our History Museum, where you will get the chance to expand your knowledge through exclusive collections and great tour options. You’ll be exposed to new ideas, enjoy an array of carefully curated exhibitions, and expand your mind.

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