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La Salle County Historical Society

It is because of the vital support provided  by dedicated members and donors, that the LaSalle County Historical Society has been able to collect, preserve and share the vast history of our County.  Your  donation ensures that our stories, and those of our ancestors, are told for generations to come.

The LaSalle County Historical Society is a 501 (c) 3 organization and your donation is tax deductible.  Donations to the LaSalle County Historical Society ensure that future generations to come will be able to explore and learn about LaSalle County's rich and diverse history!

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Collections Donations

Want to donate a local piece of LaSalle County History?

At the LaSalle County Historical Society we are always looking to add local pieces of significance to our collection.  If your not sure if your donation meets our criteria please see our donation requirements.

We are currently looking for items associated with the Prohibition and Gambling era (1920's - 1930's) of LaSalle County.

Other items will be considered on an individual basis depending on topic and historical ties to LaSalle County.

Donations of items for the society to sell during our Antiquin' Weekend may also be accepted.

Collections Restoration Project

Our next preservation project is a donation from Hugh E. Black given to the society in 1968.  See below this  artifact (68.1) is a cartoon drawn by an unknown trooper of the 3rd Missouri Calvary during the Civil War.  It was found among the effects of Lieutenant Colonel Thos. G. Black Regiment Commander.  The Cartoon depicts Abraham Lincoln chasing out Jefferson Davis via railroad.  The drawing appears to be done on a canvass that was once part of a tent.  We are currently taking donations to help supplement the cost of restoration.  If interested in donating to this project please click below or send donations to: LCHS Collections Project,  PO Box 278 Utica, Il 61373.

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